Improving Care Sector Engagement

Bridget Warr at Lecturn 6 (Low res)

I am delighted to announce that at the end of the last financial year, the Care Provider Alliance (CPA) was awarded a grant from the Department of Health to scope and deliver a programme of work to enhance engagement with and by the independent and voluntary adult social care sector. In what is an important example of the sector working together for the benefit of people who use social care services, the programme will encourage and support true engagement at every level. It will include three projects; developing the sector’s engagement with:

  • Local Government and NHS Commissioners at a local level
  • Supporting the NHS Five Year Forward View
  • Contingency planning in the voluntary and independent sector for provider failure.

The style of the programme will be practical and pragmatic, aiming to generate useful outputs quickly, leading to ongoing and sustainable outcomes. It will need to draw on the tremendous knowledge and experience that exists within the care provider sector and beyond and there will be a number of requests for information and help over the months ahead. We are keen to avoid reinventing the wheel, and we will work closely with the various organisations which have already completed work relevant to the three projects. We sincerely hope you will be willing to help us make this work truly useful.

This is a real opportunity for us to demonstrate at sector level the tangible benefits that can come from genuine engagement with independent and voluntary providers of adult social care services. Thank you, in anticipation, for your support.
The programme will be managed by Peter Cheer, an independent consultant working on behalf of the Care Provider Alliance, with support from Miranda Wixon, Chair of CPA member, Ceretas. A Programme Board of four CPA members and a Department of Health representative will meet regularly to guide and oversee the programme.
For further details about the programme please contact me or peter.cheer@care-

Bridget Warr CBE

Chair, Care Provider Alliance

Chief Executive, United Kingdom Homecare Association

16th May 2017