Update from Care and Support Reform Programe

The Care Provider Alliance (CPA) has been working with the Programme Management office  (PMO) to take forward the offer of provider support, to  ensure that there is a focus on provider implementation as part of the joint programme for the Care and Support Act. The PMO and CPA developed a job role for the position and Martin Caunt (Head of Care and Support Reform Programme DH), Andrew Hughes (Head implementation LGA)  and Kathy Roberts (as Chair of CPA)  interviewed for this post last week. Ian Turner (Chair of the Registered Nursing Home Association) was subsequently appointed. Ian will work in the PMO, but develop and maintain strong links with the national umbrella/membership organisations and their networks, across the voluntary and independent sector. This will allow him to access the depth and breadth of sector in terms of range of providers and hard to reach and specialist services. The PMO, through Ian,  will also develop greater links with CPA/CSA to ensure that there is a greater understanding of  provider needs, that there is provider inclusion in developing  plans and approaches and to ensure providers are kept informed of progress. Ian will initially be tasked with developing and implementing a plan for implementation support for providers

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